Manga, Kerokero Ace Revew and Giveaway!! 

(Till 6th July 2012 GMT+8)

[Giveaway contest entries are from now till 6th July 2012 GMT+8. Result will be posted the following friday GMT+8)
Here are the details of the giveaway! (P.S. The giveaway are only given to viewers from Singapore. I apologize for overseas subscribers as shipping will cost a bomb)

1. Firstly, subscribe to my channel if you have not done so
2. “Like” this video
3. Go to this video and “LIKE” the video as well. This is to promote a healthy lifestyle for all fellow Cardfighters!
4. Comment in this video. It can be anything related to winning this giveaway!! (e.g. I want to win the DKV mat so badly coz it’s freaking cool!!) Please refrain from posting things like “Testing 1, 2, 3” as I have no idea if you are participating or not.

Winner will be randomly picked from a randomizer or I will just be doing a lucky draw kinda style and video the result! The winner will need to contact me within 7 days


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