F in Exams

You know how teachers say that you have to make sure all the answers are completely filled even if you guess? Well, Richard Benson,  gives you ideas what to use if you don’t know the answer. The answers in this book are funny and it’s very easy to read.  Here is a few excerpts from the book:

**Q: Wondered what a nitrate is?

A: It’s more cheaper than a day rate.

Q: What’s the meaning of the term ‘hard water’?

A: ice

Q:What is a vacuum?

A:Something my mom said I should more often.

Q:What is the meaning of “activation energy”?

A: It is what’s needed to get up in the morning.

Q: In a blast furnace it is impossible for aluminum to be extracted from its ores. Why?

A:Because it’s frickin’ hot!

Q: Over the last 50 years there has been a significant change in the concentration of carbon dioxide. Give a reason this.

A: It’s easily distracted.

There isn’t much information on Richard Benson, just that he was/is a teacher in the UK. With that knowledge we know he seen these answers turned into him during exam week. The knowledge that we aren’t the only ones out there putting answers that we know is wrong but couldn’t think of something else is refreshing. This book isn’t just for students either, here is a review from a professor who recommends anyone to read it.

**”Over the years as a college Physics professor I’ve given out (and graded) and untold number of student exams, tests, quizzes, and homeworks. Sometimes exams were too hard, sometimes students were inadequately prepared, and sometimes they just didn’t have enough time to finish answering all the questions appropriately. In those situations I would often get silly or puzzling answers to some of the questions that I had posed. I had always enjoyed those answers (but I still marked them as wrong), and sometimes I would deliberately assign a question or two on an exam that was intended to elicit quirky responses. Therefore, when I came across “F in Exams” I knew this was the kind of book that I’d enjoy. All of the examples in this book (to the best of my knowledge) have been taken from actual student exams, down to the handwritten responses in the blue ink. This level of realism adds to the amusement factor. A few of these test answers (such as the one on the cover) have previously circulated around online, but majority of the answers were new to me. The answers cover most of the major disciplines and subjects – math, physics, psychology, chemistry, biology, etc. The answers were actually funny, and not merely amusing. The book is relatively short, but it is very well designed. I highly recommend it.” by Dr. Bojan Tunguz

I recommend this book to anyone who wants a little laugh!

***Quote and Excerpt from Amazon


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