Fairy Friends

There was a little yellow fairy, named Cassandra; she was a happy fairy who loves sprinkling people with fairy dust to make other people happy too. She had a friend a name Christina, a dark blue fairy, who loves doing mischief. Christina and Cassandra both love going into the city to watch the humans; Christina watches Cassandra as she goes up to some people who were sad and sprinkled some fairy dust on top of them. Of course, they can’t be seen by humans so they were never caught. Cassandra flew back to Christina waiting for the magic to take effect. After a minute, they start smiling and going on their way.  Shaking her head, Christina saw some kids skateboarding and she laughed. Flying toward them, she sprinkles some dust on a skinny pale kid and watched as his failed his trick that he been doing all day. Cassandra shook her head, but Christina grabs her hand and they flew away from her mischief.

Flying for a while, not seeing anything fun to do; Cassandra and Christina went back home. Arriving they met a green fairy, named Chris, who was sitting atop a tree branch talking to a bird. Christina looked back at Cassandra and saw her blushing. Smirking, Christina went up behind Chris and pushed him toward Cassandra.  Chris flapped his arms, but it was inevitable, he crashed into Cassandra and they fell to the ground. Christina was standing on the birch he was on earlier laughing, figuring she would help her happy friend be even happier. Looking down, she sees Chris getting of Cassandra apologizing profusely while; Cassandra kept blushing and saying it was alright. Cassandra looks up and glares at Christina, who waves and smiles.  Sitting, down next to the bird, Christina stares up at the sky waiting for friend.

Cassandra glances back at Chris, still blushing but was kind of glad that she got the chance to talk to him since he was always with some kind of animal. Cassandra asked if he was okay, he nods his head and looks up at Christina; glares but it doesn’t have any effect. Sighing, he turns back to Cassandra smiling softly. The two chatted about their day for a while; they even made a date to go out on the town one day. Smiling the two parted and Cassandra went back up to Christina and hits her upside her head.

The two went back to their home, waving at other fairies they met along the way. Cassandra reaches her home first and bids Christina a farewell, she walks into her home that she had painted brown to blend in with the trees surrounding her. Christina always tells her she needs to add color to her home, but she always tells her that she seen the inside of the house. Shaking her head she went in to make something to eat.

Christina meanwhile, had a little further away to go since she likes her privacy. She finally reaches her home which was decorated with graffiti since she saw some in the city. She opens her door and walks in, heading toward her bathroom to clean up. Walking around, she smiles and goes to her book to write down the plan for tomorrow since she would be by herself she assumes or hopes. She heads to her kitchen to grab an apple.

Night came and all the fairies bid everyone a good night. It was finally peaceful.

(Until next time!!!!!!) 

Fairy Friends


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