My BSB Dream!! (terrible writing I sry)

My BSB Dream!! (terrible writing I sry)

(I don’t own anything, especially the talented and awesome guys of BSB! This is just random writing, sorry if it doesn’t make sense since it just popped into my head and I was just writing. Oh well! :/ Enjoy!)

My BSB dream! Written by ME!!!!

I sat next to the guys of my dreams, blushing madly. There on my left was Nick Carter laughing at some random commercial that was playing, his blue eyes lighting up. Next to him, laughing as well was Brian Littrell with his wife Leighanne and son Baylee. On the right of me sat A.J McLean who was also laughing, but Howie Dorough who was sitting on the floor close to the table was writing down stuff not really paying attention. A.J’s wife Rochelle enters with Kevin Richardson and his wife Kristen with snacks.
I am attempting pinching myself, because I know that this is a dream but I don’t want to wake up. I love these guys since I was thirteen, no way am I going to try to wake myself up. So, I sit with them and their families when I just remembered. I don’t see Kevin’s son, looking around the living room I don’t see him anywhere. As if reading my mind, Kristen said that he was upstairs sleeping. I nodded and went back to watching TV. I couldn’t tell you what was on since I really wasn’t paying attention. At the moment, Baylee decided that he wanted to sing a song and started singing “I want you back” from the Jackson 5. It was so cute and when he was finished he bowed while we all clapped. He stood there for a second thinking of a new song it seems, but Leighanne went and grab him to sit still.
All of a sudden the doorbell rang, and Nick got up since he said that might be Lauren. When he came back it was in fact Lauren, I smiled cause now everyone was there then I frowned. I was the only one alone, but I shrugged not caring since I was in a room full with the backstreet boys. I hear Brian saying that they were working on a new album with Kevin in it. I sighed; glad because the group feels complete with him in it. They sounded good without him and all, but Kevin just makes them sound whole, for lack of a better word.
Howie looked up from his writing and said that he has some ideas on new songs. I guess that’s what he’s been working on. I asked if they were going to put all there unreleased singles on an album soon, because there were some that was awesome like ‘Fallen Angel’. They all just gave a look of thought and shrug, said they didn’t know. I sighed again saying that they have fans who love their unreleased songs ad that they definitely should. They said they’ll talk about it. I just smiled; at least I gave an opinion.
Then all of a sudden there was an alarm that was going off really loud. We all looked around trying to find the source. We couldn’t find it, and it was getting louder by the minute. Then all of a sudden I feel someone shaking me and started panicking; there was no one next to me.
I woke up with a start and looked at my best friend; who gave me an exasperated look. I frowned and hit my pillow. That was a dream. I looked at my computer and saw that I had the backstreet music on my iTunes as the last thing I listened to before I went to sleep. I got up and went to get ready; brushing my teeth, I thought about the dream and sighed. I knew it wasn’t real, didn’t even feel real. Oh well, I get out to eat breakfast and left for work. I take my IPod out and put on their music singing along to ‘Funny Face’ getting weird looks but I don’t care. I love me some BSB!


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