A quiz on Mansfield Park….whose read it? Can you answer the questions?

1.) Who does Fanny dislike the most of her Mansfield family? Mansfield Park

A.)  Sir Thomas Bertram
B.)  Aunt Norris
C.)  Edmund Bertram
D.)  Lady Bertram

2.) Who ends up using Edmund’s mare when Fanny was supposed to be riding her?

A.)  Mrs, Bertram
B.)  Maria Bertram
C.)  Miss Crawford
D.)  Julia Bertram

3.) What is Fanny’s maiden name?

A.)  Bertram
B.)  Price
C.)  Norris
D.)  Crawford

4.) What is the name of Edmund’s parish?

A.)  Mansfield
B.)  Sotherton
C.)  Portsmouth
D.)  Thornton Lacey

5.) Who does Julia elope with?

A.)  Mr. Yates
B.)  Mr. Rushworth
C.)  Mr, Crawford
D.)  Charles Maddox

6.) In which room of Mansfield is there never a fire until Sir Thomas orders it?

A.)  the Billiards room
B.)  the East room
C.)  Maria’s suite
D.)  Aunt Norris’ suite

7.) What chore is Fanny doing on a hot day which leads to a headache?

A.)  carrying a letter
B.)  walking Pug
C.)  burning scripts
D.) cutting roses

8.) What play does Crawford read out loud to Fanny when he is courting her?

A.)  Lovers’ Vows
B.)  Macbeth
C.) Henry the Eighth
D.)  King Lear

9.) Who does Fanny envy most?

A.) Maria Bertram
B.) Mary Crawford
 C.) Julia Bertram
D.)  Susan Price

10.) At the end of Mansfield Park, who does Fanny marry?

A.)  Henry Crawford
B.)  John Yates
C.)  Charles Maddox
D.)   Edmund Bertram


(Just answer like 1. A 2. A etc I’ll email u the answers!! I will have the answers listed in a week or two given how many answers I get from either sites!!!  Thanks for taking it!!!!)


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