Home & Away’s Alft Stewart Goes Viral on Youtube – The Summer Bay Slaughter

Home And Away's Alf Stewart Goes Viral On YouTube - The Summer Bay Slaughter!

Videos portraying Ray Meagher’s character Alf from Home and Awayas a foul-mouthed

sexual predator who operates a “rape dungeon” will be screened at a Sydney film festival this week.

Summer Bay Slaughter Part 1, The Dungeon and Alf Stewart at the Logies is the full title of the film, which will be broadcast at the Factory Theatre in Marrickville on September 8 as part of the Sydney Underground Film Festival.

The YouTube videos have already scored 5.4 million video views (over the last year) which means that try as Channel 7 might, there’s not much they can do to stop these clips spreading like wildfire!

All clips from the videos’ creator ‘Mr Doodleburger,’ have been dubbed with wildly inappropriate (but somewhat hilarious) voiceovers, and Doodleburger himself will also appear at the festival, answering questions from the audience.

He also revealed to The Sun-Herald that the dubbing of Meagher’s voice was designed to “flip the character on its head”. He added that the videos had no intent other than to entertain his mates.

“It’s just mucking around with mates to have a laugh at,” he said. “I just posted it to a couple of mates and somehow it went viral.”

Controversially, Doodleburger has also parodied the father from Hey Dad, pegging him as a violent, creepy, drug user who acts inappropriately with his daughters… hmmm.

The videos are in no way shape or form safe for work, so we can’t post them here, but if you’re keen on seeing them they’re still floating around YouTube!

Do you think it’s mean or defamatory to post these videos parodying actors?

Sydney Underground Film Festival, September 6-9th, 2012. The Factory Theatre, 105 Victoria Rd, Marrickville. stuff.com


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