A Mirror Made of Words

All books wish to be read. From the moment it is a little seedling in a writer’s mind to the moment it sits on a library shelf, every book wants to be read. And many books succeed quite nicely in this. Some are read time and time again, until they’re dog-eared and yellow-paged. But readers are fickle creatures, given to shifting loyalties and finicky tastes. There may come a time in a book’s life when it finds itself going for weeks unread. When it finds its spine growing stiff from lack of stretching open. It is at times like these that a book may be forced to take drastic measures.
When the circumstances are dire, a book can pick any of these three tricks:
1. Sneak into the wrong section
Admittedly, in order to pull this one off, the book must be checked out first, but after that it’s a…

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