Dear love,

Dear love,

It’s been a month now since I last saw you, a month since my lips melted against yours, a month since our body molded into one. It feels longer every second I’m away from you, every second I feel my chest tighten with worry and fear that something has or might happened to you. I can’t stand watching the news, but in fear I do hoping that they don’t mention you.

I know what you are probably thinking right now, that I’m over exaggerating everything now, I need to calm down and you will be fine. But, I can’t help but worry I love you so much that I wonder how I lived before you. You are my love, my only love. Ah, but I regress I am taking that deep breath going back to my previous form of thought. But don’t be fool love, you know I will soon go back to that conversation. I know you must be shaking your head at this, especially now that you know what I do when your away for longer than a day.

I threw a bottle at the tv this morning. I’m sorry. The tv is fine, though my pride right now is not. Your eyebrow is up, huh? Well, stupid news lady wouldn’t stop talking about senseless things when they promised news on something important. Like who gives a rat’s ass about Sury Cruz or whatever her name is lifestyle? She kept going on having a conversation about that and then a commercial came on, I was livid so when she came back on I threw my bottle at her face on the screen. But! That’s not all! I….. I also called the news station cursing them out about them not taking news seriously and giving out useless crap that is not news. I’m sorry. They tried to tell me some bull but I didn’t listen just yelled at them that they should report the godforsaken news or else and I slammed the phone down. I’m sorry, my love. I lost my temper and it didn’t help that I was drinking in the first place. 😦

I’m staring at a picture of you now, calming myself down. God! You are gorgeous!! I don’t know how I ever got so lucky. I know you are still shaking your head but hey least your not bored with my letter now, huh? I can’t wait till you come back home, I’m gonna jump on you and never let you go again! I don’t ever want to go through all these emotions again. I feel like a girl even though you keep showing me how much of a girl I am not. Hehehe…I’m kinda getting hard thinking about your hands, body, lips, and your eyes oh especially when they are clouded in lust.

Love, I’m going to cut this short I have to go to class soon and I’m not even dress! Sigh, I love you my love.

Hope you are safe, my dear Blake.

Yours and only yours,
Hunter 😎


Sorry for my ramble:/

Written by: Stina


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