There is nothing she can do; she is tied up at the moment. Looking around she notices the plain room, such a blank room with no pictures or any decorations. Feeling put out not knowing her captor, she tries pulling the restraints on her wrists; nothing. Gulping, she tries to loosen the mouth guard, hoping she can at least scream instead of the silent muffles that were coming out. Calming herself, she tries to relax picturing herself somewhere else, but she can’t. Groaning, she thinks of what she was doing before she found herself held captive. She was taking a run in the woods when she felt a broad chest encase her from behind before covering her mouth and nose. She struggled for a while, but grew drowsy and her body was losing the fight. Trying one last time to at least escape, she fell into a pitch of darkness.
She found herself here; tied up like a prisoner with no idea who her captor is, hanging her head still trying to push the guard out of her mouth she hears the door open softly. Lifting her head she finally meets her captor. He is dressed in a silk black suit with a white tie and a gray mask covering half of his face only leaving below his nose viewable. He stands at the door tilting his head to the side, studying her like she was him. Gulping, she starts struggling a little more when he starts moving closer pushing the door closed behind him. Glaring at him, she moves as far back as she can on the bed, but he just smiles knowingly at her. He stands at the edge of the bed and moves his hands up to loosen his tie, letting it fall to the floor. He starts unbuttoning his shirt sensually.
Still glaring at him, she turns her head a little making a point to him she does not care one bit; he just smirks at her. After reaching the last button, he lets his shirt drop revealing a white undershirt tucked into his slacks; he unloosens them a little but not taking them off. He puts his hands on the mattress and starts slowly crawling to her. She puts her legs to her chest wishing she was the type to wear sweatpants instead of jogging shorts so she wouldn’t have to feel his fingers on her legs so soon. Looking into his deep black eyes, all she can see is lust in them. Gulping, she tries to struggle with him when he pulls her legs down flat on the bed.
He smiles that annoying smile, first kissing her left foot then the right, working slowly up her legs until he reaches the bottom of her shorts. Trying to make it more difficult for him, she keeps kicking, but then feels a slap that resounds through the quiet room. Staring wide-eyed at him, she sees him glaring at her a little while sitting on his heels, one arm a little raised and the other holding his stomach. Instead of looking apologetic she glares harder at him, he glares back but then smirks. Getting up he rummages through the dresser drawer next to the bed and pulls out some ropes, grabbing her right foot he ties it with on end then ties the other end to the post and does the same with the left. After all of the kicking commotion, she didn’t realize he had removed her jogging shorts. Looking down, she sees her bottom half naked, legs spread open for him. She screams profanities even though a little scared because she didn’t feel him take them off.
He climbs back to where he was and starts where he left off; kissing her inner thighs reaching the middle. He puts his hands under her thighs, lifts her a little and starts kissing her between her legs, sticking his tongue out to lick her clit, he plays with her. Stroking her with his tongue, she can’t help but gasp and moan, though trying not to. Pushing her hips to get more of him, she almost whines when he pulls away and mewls when his fingers replace his tongue.
He starts kissing up her stomach, using his free hand he lifts her jogging tank top up, smirking when he notices that she isn’t wearing a bra. Turning her head in embarrassment from being so exposed to him, she can’t help but add to her other wish that she wore a sweat shirt and a bra. Seeing her blush, he smiles and gives a kiss to her nipples, then starts sucking one; while his other hand tweaks the other. Moaning at the triple pleasure, she wasn’t sure what to think anymore, arching into his touches she feels herself getting closer. Deciding two fingers wasn’t enough anymore, he puts in a third and starts thrusting harder. He keeps thrusting, sucking on her nipples until she can’t hold it anymore; she comes, her body shaking with the release. Sagging down, she fights the haze of pleasure to get back to the present, seeing him stand licking his fingers like candy. She can’t stop the moan, or blush when he smirks at her; he takes off the undershirt and his slacks, leaving him in only dark grey boxers that are not hiding how aroused he is.
Her eyes are staring at the huge bulge, she gulps. He smiles even more and slowly pulls down the boxers; revealing the tan all over his body. Standing fully, his cock standing up he strokes it a few times while watching her, then climbs back and positions himself at her entrance. She glares at him, but he just smiles at her and thrusts in her, moaning at the heat that encases his cock. She can’t help but moan either, feeling full with him inside her. He starts out slow, then he picks up his space, going faster and harder. The two were moaning, her body meeting his -thrust for thrust. He let one hand go from her waist, reaching for the guard and pulling it off; she screamed with pleasure forgetting to scream for help at the moment. Smiling, he leans down and kisses her hard; too lost in pleasure she kisses back with equal fever.
After what felt like eternity, the two reach their peaks; she comes hard just before he pulls out and releases all over her stomach. Falling down next to her, they both pant heavily; she licks her lips and stares at the guy next to her, she can smell the vanilla shampoo in his dark, brown hair and smiles. Finally able to catch her breath, she tells him to take the damn mask off his face, he tilts his face up to her and smiles sheepishly, takes it off revealing a young, handsome guy who turns out to be her husband. He smiles and starts to take off the restraints. He kisses her lips, giving her a slow, sweet kiss full of love. Smiling into the kiss, she runs her hands into his brown locks, pulling away for a little bit. Letting their foreheads rest against each other, they smile at each other, until she starts bursting out laughing. Giving her a puzzled look, she explains that everyone would think they had problems with how far they go in their role-plays. Smiling at her, he shrugs and says, ‘So? The sex is awesome because of it.” They both smile lovingly at each other and decide to go another round.
The End!

Written by: Stina


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