Book Review: Stardines

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StardinesAlthough this book is written by a children’s author and shelved with children’s books, it would take a very sophisticated young person to “get” Jack Prelutsky’s new book of poetry, Stardines: Swim High Across the Sky and other poems. This collection of 16 poems takes two animals or objects and combines them–really a poetry “mash-up”.

The title poem, “Stardines”, describes the creature made of stars + sardines:

“When other creatures are in bed,

STARDINES still twinkle overhead.”

Other creatures include “The Sobcat” (a sad cat), “Jollyfish” (jolly jellyfish), and “Bardvarks” (poet aardvarks). It’s definitely a fun read, but one that parents will need to help even an older child understand. Reading to/with a 4th or 5th grader would provide great extension activities as new family creations come to mind.

Know a wordsmith? This is a great picture book to share–even if that grown up is without kids.

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