Movie Review: “Oblivion,” an April sci-fi film

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Science fiction is one film genre that seems to wear its ancestors, the films that inspired it or, less charitably, that it “borrowed” from, with pride.
Thus, “Oblivion” has “Scavengers” who dress like Sand People from “Star Wars,” round, red-eyed killer drones from “2001” and “Robocop,” a finale from “Independence Day” and a director from “TRON Legacy.”
And Joseph Kosinski brought his blatting synthetic tubas score, used in the original “TRON” and in “Inception,” with him.
That doesn’t make “Oblivion” a bad movie, just a familiar one — generic.
Decades from now, we see a depopulated Post-Apocalyptic Earth, where the moon is but a debris field in the night sky. The humans have fought and won a war against the Scavengers but lost the planet in the process. The A-bombs, earthquakes and tsunamis rendered it almost unlivable. And surviving Scavengers fight on, interfering with the efforts of those on the…

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