Watch The EXCLUSIVE Third Trailer For Rick Yancey’s ‘The 5th Wave’

The first wave pulled the plug. The second wave stirred the oceans. And the third wave? Let’s just say that the delightful trills of chirping springtime birds won’t seem so delightful when you find out what those winged little monsters are carrying along with them…as you will soon find out, when you watch the EXCLUSIVE third trailer for Rick Yancey’s “The 5th Wave.” The latest bit of buzz for this hotly anticipated alien apocalypse novel is right here, the middle piece in a madly exciting campaign leading up to the book’s May 7 release.

With comparisons already being drawn between Rick Yancey’s latest and epic shattered-world works like “The Stand” and “The Passage,” “The 5th Wave” is ready and waiting to be your new survivalist obsession; it’s like “The Walking Dead” meets “The Hunger Games,” with a side of little green men. In it, a 16 year-old girl named Cassie finds herself one of the last ones standing after a multi-tier alien invasion kills off 90 percent of the world—leaving her to wander the wasted, silent highways of Ohio in a quest to find and rescue her little brother. But she’s not alone; among the human survivors of the invasion, there are traitorous agents tasked with killing everyone left alive…and by the time you figure out who they are, you’ll probably already be dead.

Which, with all its creepy possibilities and action-packed intrigue, makes it no surprise at all that Rick’s new novel is the big thing in everyone’s to-read pile this spring.

“The 5th Wave” hits bookstores on May 7.

Are you already planning to catch “The 5th Wave”? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!

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via Watch The EXCLUSIVE Third Trailer For Rick Yancey’s ‘The 5th Wave’.


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