Movie Review: Sarah Polley searches for the truth about her family in “Stories We Tell”

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3starsCanadian actress (“Splice”) turned director (“Away From Her”) Sarah Polley engages in a bout of navel gazing with her new documentary, “Stories We Tell.” It’s about her late mother, and she assembles her siblings and other relatives and family friends for “an interrogation,” as they recollect their memories of her in building a sometimes contradictory portrait of a woman who died when Sarah was a child.
When a sister blurts out, “Who cares about our family?”, she might be speaking for the audience. All these interviews, all these conflicting accounts, all this insistence that each speaker tell “the whole story” just so an actress can indulge herself in knowing the mother she never really knew?
But Polley is getting at something deeper, at who “owns” a story, at the impact of point of view, editing and biases. And as “Stories We Tell” get deeper into this saga, the jaw-dropping revelations…

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