Tonight’s screening: “No One Lives”

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I like two kinds of horror film.
Ghost stories, “Insidious,” or “Mama” being recent examples, with victims reacting in human ways to evidence of the supernatural.
Since there is no supernatural, there is only nature and physics and nobody ever rose from the dead, walked on water or haunted tenants in Amityville, N.Y., that’s a tall order.
The other kind of horror I appreciate is people caught up in an utterly natural, monstrous predicament brought on my sick and twisted people. “Hostel” got to me. “Saw,” not as much. “Breakdown” was a classic of this genre.
“No One Lives” has a little “Breakdown,” a little “Taken” (“You don’t know who you’re messing with”) and a touch of discomfiting torture porn. WWE had a hand it in.
“No One Lives” opens Friday. Beware. This is the RED band trailer, children.
opens Friday.

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