The Future of Books (as Told by the Sci-Fi I Watched as a Kid)

Vic Books

Interested in science fiction and fantasy from a young age, by the mid-90’s one of my favourite programs was Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. There were many bizarre futuristic aspects of the universe depicted in this program that I accepted without question. However, in one episode (titled Explorers) the captain’s son asks him to read a story he has written. The text of the son’s story is displayed on a small digital tablet (remember, this was aired in the mid-90’s) and I remember thinking at the time “no one will ever want to read off something like that.”

Imagine my surprise.

penny's computer bookEven at a tender age I thought this kind of reading looked hard on the eyes and lacked the tangibility of a paper book. This kind of reading wasn’t real enough…even for the United Federation of Planets. But I’ll tell you what futuristic book technology I did

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