Movie Review: “Dallas Buyers Club”

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What’s been missing from all the movies about AIDS and the history of the AIDS crisis is that Matthew McConaughey swagger. And we never would have realized that if he hadn’t made “Dallas Buyers Club.”

Here’s a film about the early years of the crisis packed with a healthy dose of evolving attitudes about AIDS and homosexuality and good ol’boy get’er done optimism. And if McConaughey and his co-star Jared Leto don’t earn Oscar nominations for “Buyers Club,” I’ll eat my ten gallon hat.

We meet Ron Woodroof as a sweaty, scrawny sex machine — profane, homophobic, coke-snorting, whiskey-drinking and gaunt gaunt gaunt.

It’s not a good look for McConaughey, who lost a lot of weight for this film. It’s not a good look for anybody.

This being 1985 Texas, Ron, a card-playing electrician working on oil rigs, is all about honky tonks, rodeos and living in the moment. We…

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