Movie Review: “Philomena”

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ImageHe is an ex-journalist who crossed over to a government spokesman job that has just blown up in his face. Depressed, embarrassed, the one story idea he’s been pitched is “human interest,” a story by and about “weak-minded, vulgar, ignorant people.”
She’s an old ill-educated Irish woman in need of a journalist — disgraced or otherwise.
“Philomena” is a standard issue little-old-lady tour de force for Oscar winner Judi Dench. But it’s a delicious change of pace for cynical, snarky funnyman Steve Coogan. A true story about one of the many horrors of Ireland’s infamous “Magdalene laundries,” asylums for “fallen women” mandated by the government, at the Catholic Church’s urging, where pregnant women had their babies and worked in laundries where they were ill-used.
And women like Philomena, sent there in the 1950s, saw their babies long enough to love them only to see them snatched away, sold into adoption…

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