Curiousity killed the cat (2)


It was at exactly 1am, the hour of the night where only ghosts, spirit, fear and darkness walk upon. She was at ease with herself, her body, her mind and her soul, all in unison to the silence of the night.
Suddenly there was a dim light and it shone on her face, one eye popped open while the other struggled to play against the light. There was a figure in the light causing the shadow to fall upon her face. The figure walked gently to her and in the moment she thought she was going to die.
The smell of this figure was like Sweet pea and there was something in the way he walked up to her, something jangled around the thighs and it was so huge that she couldn’t comprehend. The fear overwhelmed her.
“Is this gonna happen now?” She thought to herself as she began to…

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