The Last (?) Dr. Seuss by Seira Wilson

After months of waiting and speculation readers have been weighing in on Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman and now we’ve finally cracked another much-discussed manuscript curiosity, Dr. Seuss’ What Pet Should I Get?  The story itself doesn’t have the sing-song rhythm many of us would expect, but it’s still great fun to pick out the various creatures and characters we recognize from other Seuss books.

It feels kind of weird to say, but my favorite part of What Pet Should I Get? is tucked in the extra pages of back matter.  Photos of Seuss with his own pets over the years (he seemed to be a dog person), the name of his first dog, the story of the manuscript’s discovery, and more, all contribute to a fascinating and informative glimpse of  his life and career.  Cathy Goldsmith is the art director at Random House who worked with Dr. Seuss for many years and she handled the colorizing of What Pet Should I Get? using the  palettes specific to different time periods in his career.  Her insider perspective and accompanying photos is one of the highlights, but really, I’ve been spouting Dr. Seuss trivia all day.

All done? No more? If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Theodore Seuss Geisel, it’s that pleasant surprises come all shapes and sizes.  Here’s hoping the man was also a pack rat…


Seira Wilson


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