10 Reasons Writers Should Read Something From the Fantasy Genre (Part 2)

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

armorYesterday I started naming ten reasons every writer could benefit from adding some fantasy to his or her reading list. Now, I know I’m biased. I don’t deny that. But fantasy literature really can teach us a lot about pacing, tone, character, and language, even if it’s not the only place we can go to experience examples of these things done well. Read on:

6. Fantasy literature will show you the importance of easing readers in, of helping them find their footing in your story. Basically, pacing is really interesting to study in fantasy. Some of the best fantasy novels, like the Harry Potter series and the Lord of the Rings, start off a bit slow in terms of plot. The authors have to draw you into their world before too much can start to happen, and yet, they manage not to bore you. If as an author you worry…

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