5 Ways to Name a Character

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

question-mark-1-1084630-mAs any reader or author could tell you, a character’s name can be very important. Maybe that’s why in my personal experience, naming a character is one of the most stress-inducing and difficult parts of writing fiction.

Sometimes a character’s name is easy. I’ve had some character who come to me fully formed, name included. I just know somehow who they are supposed to be, and THIS is the name that goes with them. THIS is the name they need to have.

However, that’s not a common occurrence. It’s lucky that we don’t necessarily have to wait to name a character before starting to write, if we don’t want to. (I love “search and replace” functions in word processors. Just use a filler name, a word that won’t appear elsewhere in your writing, and then, when the name comes to you, use “search and replace.” You’re set.)

I’m glad there…

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