Box Office: “Fantastic” is neck and neck with “MI: Rogue Nation”

Movie Nation

boxWhen it’s all counted up Sunday night — late — we will know for sure who nudged out whom in the box office race this first full weekend of August.

Shockingly, “Fantastic Four” has overcome terrible reviews and appears headed to $28 million or so, so sayeth

The superior but not-all-that latest “Mission: Impossible” is holding right at half of its opening weekend audience, and should be in the $27-28 range as well.

“The Gift” is a modest hit, at $10-11 million. Jason Bateman fans rejoice.

“Ricki and the Flash” is doing rather meekly — over 50 women are showing up, and that adds up to just $7 million or so.

But that’s a lot better than “Shaun the Sheep Movie,” another blow to Aardman Animation. Stop motion sheep in a kids’ comedy where nobody talks? It’s a hoot, has wonderful reviews pushing it, and it won’t even crack…

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