Is All Fiction Philosophical?

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

1235996_pencil-pusherToday’s post is about philosophy in fiction. I’ve written before about philosophical vs character-driven fiction, but this post has a different approach. G.K. Chesterton’s fiction, which I’ve started reading, really hit home to me that all fiction is philosophical. Some stories are more openly and/or pedantically philosophical than others, that’s all.

Narrators don’t have to wax philosophical, and characters don’t have to have conversations or monologues about the “big questions” for a work to be philosophical. Whether or not a work of fiction, or any story, openly promotes a particular life view, each work of fiction is based on a philosophical view of life.

When a work is more character-driven than overtly philosophical, it is usually the characters (and narrator) through whom that view of life is made manifest.

  1. What tenets about life and its meaning/ purpose do the characters take for granted?
  2. What choices do the characters make, and…

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