Movie Review: “Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet”

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Perhaps the only way to turn Kahlil Gibran’s romantic, trippy and uplifting “The Prophet” into a movie is to animate it. The actress and producer Salma Hayek got that, and talked Roger Allers (“The Lion King”) into directing the film, actors like Liam Neeson and John Krasinski into providing the voices and acclaimed animators such as Tomm Moore and Nina Paley (“The Secret of Kells”) and Bill Plympton (“Guard Dog”) to visualize the abstract positivism of Gibran’s homey aphorisms, and composer Gabriel Yared to set some of the poetry to music.
They turn this “inspirational fiction” about how to the live the well-lived life, his musings on love, work, children, grief, joy and pleasure into colorful animated fantasias backing his words.
Liam Neeson has the title role, a famed poet named Mustafa living under house arrest on an island in the last days of the Ottoman Empire. Salma Hayek is…

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