The monster at night


art by Senegalese

Every night I have a beautiful nightmare with you in it. You come to me with a strange excitement in your groans and moans, I think there’s a message in the sounds you make, a call to nothingness.

I lay on my bed, dead to life and alive in your arms, you pull me close to you with something I don’t understand, a magnetic pull I guess.

I feel helpless whenever your time comes, helpless to your touch and your awfully amazing smell. There’s something about the way you handle me. Your kiss is a sensation of paradise.

You move your fingers in places where magic happens, you push in and out of me like a machine made for that sole purpose. I feel totally helpless and my whole body yearns for more, more of your everything.

You’re just another of my many troubles, my many passions and my true…

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