The night of August 4th



(Jo writes)
I turn on the radio and a calm voice spoke over a soft background music
“Welcome to the night time show…” I listened without interest.
“…080nighttime, the numbers to call if you wanna blow a kiss to that special someone in your heart…” the voice continued
There was something about her voice over that soft music background. I picked up my phone, not sure of what it is I was about to do.

Pim Pim Pon my fingers clicked eagerly and within seconds I was connected.

“Good evening and you’re on to the nighttime show…” she stopped to get my reply but I stood there silent, still wondering why there wasn’t a single star in the sky, and why the power hasn’t come back on.

“Hello, I’m Ademola” I snapped

“Oh welcome brother, how old are you” she replied.

“I’m 21” I replied.

“Good. So, who’s this special…

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